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Available HavaPoo Pups

No current HavaPoo puppies available at this time. Follow our website and Facebook to stay updated when we announce an upcoming litter!

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Generation/Breed Breakdown

  • F1 = Pure Havanese Parent and Pure Poodle Parent (50% Havanese & 50% Poodle)

  • F1b = Pure Havanese or Poodle Parent and a F1 HavaPoo Parent (pups are 75%/25%)

  • F1bb = Pure Havanese or Poodle Parent and F1b HavaPoo Parent (pups are 87.5%/12.5%)

  • F2 = Both parents are F1 HavaPoos, pups will still be 50/50%~ of each original breed

The "b" stands for breeding back to a purebred, which increases the ratio of that original breed in the pups produced. Typically, you breed back to the poodle to increase the desirable qualities of the breed (hypoallergenic & low/no-shedding), but it can be either of the original parent breeds. HavaPoos are especially awesome because, unlike most doodles, both parent breeds are low/no shedding and hypoallergenic. This means there's no chance pups will shed or be problematic for families with allergy concerns. Please remember that "hypoallergenic" means that something contains few allergy-producing substances known as allergens and is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic does NOT mean "allergy-free" - if allergies are a big concern it's important to test the reaction prior to looking for a puppy to add to your family. We are happy to have families come and play with our pups to test any allergy concerns before bringing a puppy home.

Contact Us

Call/Text: (912) 590-2072

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